Can You Keep a Secret ?

I have for you- A book review!!

Another one bites the dust! Book number 9 this year… and it’s a good-un! Sophie Kinsella’s Best Selling Novel -“Can you Keep a Secret ?”

Whats it about?

Marketing intern Emma has a few secrets… like most young girls do! On her plane journey from Scotland to London she is sat next to a very handsome stranger. This is all very well until the plane experiences mega turbulence, whereby Emma, (the extremely nervous plane traveller) freaks out! She freaks out so much that she thinks she is going to die, and reveals all her deepest darkest secrets to the Handsome stranger….

*She faked her GCSE Maths on her CV to get her job…

*She feeds her annoying colleague’s plant orange juice…

*She jammed the photocopier at work- several times…

*She is a size 12, not a size 8, which she told her boyfriend Connor…

The list of secrets gets so much worse!!!

In the end the plane does lands safely and she feels a little embarrassed to say the least, but she decides to forget about it as she will likely never see that stranger ever again anyway…

Well how wrong was she! She arrived at the office on Monday to find that that Handsome stranger on the plane was standing in her office… and was in fact Jack Harper; the CEO of the company! This man knows every embarrassing thing about her and she is standing face to face with him!!

You will have to read on to find out what happens next…… 😉 It really is a good-un!! Click here to order the book now!

A thinking thought….

I often finish Sophie Kinsella’s books and think wow this would be so amazing as a film! But this one really would be an amazing film!

Welllllllll… it just so happens that it IS going to be a film!!!! I was delighted when I came across Sophie Kinsella’s post on Instagram last night!! What were the chances of that! I literally finished that book 2 days ago and thought that would be so cool as a film, and boom there’s a film!!! I would recommend reading the book before seeing the movie though! Click here to order it now!

The Ron com film is directed by Elise Duran and stars Alexander Daddario (As Emma) and Tyler Hoechlin (As Jack Harper)! I believe this film is released on September the 13th 2019! So not long at all. I will so be going to see this when it’s in the cinema! Although having read the synopsis for the film I think there may be a couple of differences to it compared to the book…You can read more about the film in this link here. I am so uber excited to see this film!

Check out the trailer for the film below too… its gonna be so good! 🙂

Chlo’s Secrets ?

I don’t think I have any proper secrets to be honest- well that’s the thing I am far to honest to have secrets ! If I was in Emma’s position on that plane my secrets would probably go something along the lines of:

*I am a serious peanutbutteraholic!

*It took a “few” attempts to pass my practical driving test :O

*I wish my legs were just a tiny bit longer (it can be hard being small sometimes)

*I would love to go to a festival just once in my life.

*As much as I don’t want to admit it I was a bit sore after the 26 k Kilt Walk 😉

*I have had 3 graduations in my life, so far 😉

*When I was a kiddie I thought the pick n’ mix station in the shop was free sweeties, so I casually helped my self to a couple… (I learned the hard way that actually it wasn’t free candy!) Live and learn!

*I enjoy signing-especially in the car, although I wish my voice was a bit more professional… 😂

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and will enjoy reading this awesome Sophie Kinsella book! Thank you for reading!

For more book reviews by Chlo Jack click here. This blog just so happens to be called A book lovers secret! ❤

Lot’s of love from

Chlo Jack!


“A lifestyle blog written by a Scottish Lassie!”

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