Chilli Con Carne

Hello Hello! Chlo here with a tasty Chilli Con Carne recipe!

So I was talking to one of my good friends, Hev the other night and she had asked what I was having for my tea… (Food is about the most exciting subject we can talk about these days! So I told her I was having Chilli, she replied by saying that chilli was a dish that she really loved but was one that she had not tried cooking before! (I couldn’t believe this!) Chilli is a well loved dish in our household! Soooo I thought it would be tasty dish to share so others who maybe have not have tired cooking before could give it a go.

The good news is that the ingredients for chilli are easy to source and it is a quick and tasty dish to rustle up!

*Credit to my mum who was the glamours assistant in these cooking demo photos 🙂

Serves 2-4


Beef Mince

Chilli Power and/or flakes

Tomato Puree

1-2 Onions

1-2 Tin Tomatoes

1 Tin Red Kidney Beans/ and or taco beans in sauce.

Dash of Oil to saute the onions

Rice of your choice

Cheese to garnish

Salt to season


First peel and finely dice the onion

Heat a pan with a small amount of oil

To test if the oil is hot enough place a small amount of diced onion in the pan until it sizzles- add all of the onion and saute.

Add the mince and cook until brown; remember to stir gradually so the mince dosen’t stick to the bottom.

Once browned add tomato puree

Add the tin tomatoes and stir together.

Add a couple of teaspoons chilli powder depending on how hot you would like it.

If you like it super SPICY 🌶 🥵 Why not add some crushed chilli flakes as well!

Now LISTEN UP this bit is crucially important! You MUST drain the kidney beans of the liquid they are in and WASH them in a drainer or colander.

Once they are washed add them to the pan of mince and tomatoes.

If you cannot get the red kidney beans beans why not add some taco beans that have already been washed and put in a spice sauce.

Leave to simmer on low heat until the rice is ready.

Boil some hot water in preparation for cooking the rice.

Measure out enough rice in a cup for those you are serving and place in a pan.

Salt the rice and the chilli pot. Stir chilli to ensure it hasn’t stuck to the bottom of the pan.

Cook rice as per the instructions on the rice packaging. Various types of rice have different cooking times.

Once cooking drain rice and serve in bowls.

Add jalapeno’s if you like it very hot.

Serve with cheese (cheddar/mozzarella) and sour cream

And hay presto enjoy! 😊

Thats all for now! Happy cooking! Stay safe and stay well!

Lots of love from

Chlo Jack


A lifestyle blog written by a Scottish lassie.”

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