Daily Update Of My 2.6 Cycle Challenge! FOA!

Hey Thanks for joining me: I am currently doing my own 2.6 challenge during this lockdown period to support a charity that is really close to my heart, that is- Friends of Anchor. My aim is to cycle 2.6 miles for 26 days. To find out more about my challenge and why I have chosen to support Friends of Anchor please click here. I would be forever grateful for your support however big or small 🙂 Please click here to visit my just giving page. I will be logging a day by day update of my challenge on this POST. I hope you will join me throughout my venture! 🙂

DAY 1: of my 2.6 challenge and I did 2.8 miles in 20.26! 🙂 It was kind of a big deal for me to get out and do this today because it was the first time I have left the house in like a month since this lockdown began! I must say it was enjoyable to get out for some fresh air and get a change of scenery but it is a bit of an odd and daunting kind of feeling going out. I was cabin fevered to the max before I took this leap to get out today! The streets are so quiet and if you do just happen to see a human- wow it’s awkward- everyone flees! It is better staying your distance though! It was a bit rainy today but that didn’t stop me in my tracks! 😂 I tried to go to areas of my village that I though would be human free 😂 I went past the same area like 5 times- the sheep and geese that I passed must have been like “what is she doing”! Although daunting going out for the first time in a while I think it was worth getting out! I really feel a lot fresher and my mum said I had. spring in my step today! 🙂 Day one of FOA Challenge complete- 25 more days to go! If you would like to support my venture please click here x Anchored together!


DAY 2 of my 2.6 challenge and it was a wee bit different today because Ashleigh, one of my good friends came with me on my bike ride, virtually. I attached 2 tight bobbles around my bike handle bars and slotted my phone in side ways and called her via facebook messenger (Thanks to my mums good friend who inspired this idea). I let Ash see the views along the way! It was good fun! 🙂 There were quite a lot of people out today, it must have been because the sun was out- saying that I am glad I went out earlier because the clouds are casting over and it is freezing! I must say getting out once a day for half an hour or so really clears your head and sets you up for the day. So I did 3.4 miles and was out for 30.21 today passing my usual scenery of the sheep and geese. The rapeseed field was really strong today. I also saw a really lovely sign by the road side too! Check it out in my photo slideshow below. It is great to see everyones rainbows in the windows too 🙂 I am planning to take another good friend out with me on a virtual cycle tomorrow and I will be trying out a different route which is a bit more fruitful than going round and round the same area. I will be spreading my wings a bit further than doing the usual round and round the same area. If you would like to support my 2.6 challenge for Friends of Anchor please visit my just giving page here. Anchored together!


DAY 3! Hope you are all well today! Lets call this wellness Wednesday! Today was another great 2.6 challenge cycle! I took my good friend Hev on a the cycle- virtually. I took a different route; down the steep hill and along the sea and fields. Although going down a big hill meant I had to go back up the great big hill to get home again. I had pre-planned how I would tackle this hill before I set off on my cycle today. I had agreed with cycled the full hill straight away! I would work up to it over the next few days however to my surprise I only went and cycled the whole hill. I did stop midway for a second to reconnect the call with Hev because it cut out, but I was swift to continue cycling up the hill. (Hev can vow for this). If I can do that on a daily basis, I will be really chuffed! Hev encouraged me right to the top. (I was pehckin though 😂 ) I need to get fitter again! So the meter said that I did 3.2 today, buttttt believe me when I tell you I did more than this because I thought I had reset it to 0 before I set out but I unfortunately I noticed when I got down the hill that the meter was still on yesterdays counting and had equated to 4 miles (which seemed ridiculous), so I reset it to 0 when I got down the hill. So I guess as I was on 3.4 yesterday and the meter read 4 when I noticed it was wrong. I must have done a good mile from my house to the bottom of the hill before I noticed. So I will add that on today taking my total to 4.2 miles. 🙂 I will take the reading properly tomorrow! Another day complete though woohooo! Thank you so much to the anonymous donator who has helped raise 20 percent of my target already! ❤ Let’s see how much we can raise for this amazing charity! Anchored Together! https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/chloes-26-challenge


DAY 4! Wowee! Today I cycled more than I ever thought I would! I had planned on doing a road cycle but then decided to go down the track and instead of turning where I would normally turn- at the wee houses; I just kept cycling and cycling further and further and subsequently ended up at the next village 🙂 I am really delighted with the cycle today! The weather was pretty dull today but I felt pretty fresh having cycled. a good 6.8 miles today. It was nice to see that the children in the village had been colouring the bench and painting pebbles to cheer people up. In the 3rd photo I captured a photo of a wee bunnie 🙂 There were no featured guests on my cycle today. I attempted a time lapse video with snippets of the cycle! Which can be viewed on my FB or Insta account. I hope you enjoy. 😊 Remember this cycle challenge is all to support Friends of Anchor; if you would like to support my challenge and this amazing charity please visit my just giving page here.


DAY 5! Still going strong! Today was a shorter cycle! 3.1 miles today round the top of the village a few times! The weathers been pretty dull the last few days! It would be good to get a bit of sunshine soon!☀️ Cannot believe we are into May already! If you didn’t know already I launched an event last night for my Friends of Anchor Lockdown quiz! Head on over to my facebook to check out the details! Thank you to the latest mysterious person who has donated to my Just giving page it is much appreciated! ❤


DAY 6 Was a 2.7 mile trip today! 😁 Not much more to say today other than it was freezing!


DAY 7 of the 2.6 challenge 🥳 First week complete ✅ What a lovely sunny day it was too! ☀️😁 Did a 3.1 miles in 20 minutes which was good! Decided to cycle down to the harbour and along to the other another village and home. There were a lot of Sunday strollers, hehe. Hope you have all been out enjoying the sunshine today but sticking to your social distancing Guidelines. Stay safe, keep fit! If you would like to support this amazing charity -please visit my just giving page. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/chloes-26-challenge Or perhaps you would like to exercise your brain and come along to my live quiz on Tuesday! “Doors” open at 7.30 with quiz starting at 7.45 until roughly 8.45. Just head over to my Facebook page to join the facebook live video!


DAY 9 of 2.6 Cycle Challenge ⚓️🚲❤️ I did a nice 6.6 miles today! It was a lovely day today too☀️ When I was out on my walk I met some lady’s picking buds of those yellow trees; I asked if there were berries on the trees and they said that it was buds that they were picking. They boil the buds in water and sugar and it creates a cordial drink 😮 Cool right!

Looking forward to the lockdown quiz tonight!


DAY 10 of 2.6 Cycle Challenge. It was roasting today! I did 2.7 today cause I did a really long one yesterday and had lots of gardening to do today. The quiz was a great success last night thank you again to everyone that came along and made a donation x



DAY 11 of the 2.6 Challenge


DAY 12 of the 2.6 challenge! A hot day today! Lovely and sunny!

DAY 13 of 2.6 challenge

DAY 14 of the 2.6 challenge

It was a cold, but sunny one today! It was so cold that it was actually snowing!!! In May?! I thought it was a joke when I saw it on facebook this morning! Despite the cold I still got out to complete the 2.6 challenge! Making sure to stick to my social distancing. 🙂

DAY 15 of the 2.6 Challenge. I did 2.7 miles! Still going strong to raise funds for this awesome charity!

DAY 16 of the 2.6 challenge

DAY 17 of the 2.6 Challenge and it was a bit of a traumatic one as I cycled 6.3 miles with an agonising stitch all topped off with a crazy heavy hail storm. It was freezing!!! What kept me going was the thought that the sponsorship that is already raised will go toward supporting many patients in the Anchor Unit. ❤ The photos were taking before the crazy hail storm!

DAY 18 of the 2.6 challenge and I saw some lovely cute little lambs! I also got a really lovely email from Friends of Anchor today to let me know that we have raised an awesome £150 already which is fantastic! Be sure to check out the second lockdown quiz next Tuesday 19th 2020 at 6.30pm quiz will commence at 6.45pm!

DAY 19 of the 2.6 challenge! It is flying in! This time next week the challenge will be complete! I have another chance for you to exercise the brain at the lockdown quiz next Tuesday! Lets see if we can get to £200 for Friends of Anchor 🙂


DAY 20- Was a rainy dull day! I have been religious with my cycles haven’t missed a day just not great at updating the blog!


DAY 21 – Another rainy day!

DAY 22 A short and rainy trek today!


DAY 23 – This was a lovely bike ride! Another long one today and I had a family friend join me today who was also riding her bike which was nice to share the views and have some company along the way! 🙂 Thankfully the weather was dry and it was actually quite warm! I am so glad there was no rain today! Tonight I am hosting my second Lockdown quiz ! All is welcome! 3 days until the challenge is over!


DAY 24 of the 2.6 challenge. I did 4.4 miles today

It was a scorcher today and I found some new tracks which was nice!


DAY 25 of the 2.5 challenge

Just 1 day to go!! There’s still time to donate via my just giving page just head over time my website for the link in the updates blog!


DAY 26 of the 2.6 challenge!!! I did it 🥳 Hooraaaa😁🥳 Challenge complete ✅ I started this 2.6 challenge to raise funds for Friends of Anchor in memory of my grandmother who benefited from this amazing charity. It’s a very special day today because it marks 50 years since my the very lady; my grandma gave birth to my dad ⚓️ Thank you to everyone who has made a donation via my just giving page. If any one else would like to donate you can visit the link via my blog. The website link is in my insta bio. I will be continuing the quiz for a bit longer because people are enjoying it. 😁 So far we have raised £171.45! Well done everyone and thank you!! 🤩 I will continue to cycle safely throughout lockdown 😁🌟 Join me for my last quiz on 4th of June 2020 7.30pm via live video on my Facebook page.

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