Stage 2 Nursing Modules

Hello Folks wow it has been a been a very very busy few months I cannot believe second year is almost finished! I cannot believe my second year theory is complete! I thought I would share with you what my second year theory modules were all about.

Science 2

So in November we had second year Science which consisted of learning about the definition, pathophysiology, aetiology, types, signs and symptoms, diagnostic tools and pharmacology of the following health conditions: asthma, breast cancer, sepsis, dementia, myocardial infarction, respiratory distress syndrome and type one and type 2 diabetes. We also covered, mental health and perinatal mental health which was really great timing for me because I had just finished my placement in the neonatal unit so I was familiar with this and also respiratory distress syndrome in neonates. It felt good to e familiar with some things. We also covered various other little bite sized topics like the pathophysiology of pain and end of life care and many other areas. I found it all very fascinating. I really enjoyed this module and for me it being delivered online suited my learning style very well as I could go back to the recorded lectures and panoptos and re-listen and take the notes I needed to. I worked solid from early mornings to after midnight (although not recommend) it really paid off for me once I got my results. Even though I just finished this module I know I will have to revisit my notes to refresh my mind of all these conditions. It is hard to say which health condition was my favourite but I think I grasped Asthma quite well. Overall this module was very well delivered and I am looking forward to what stage 3 nursing holds which will be adult specific.

Nursing Care and Decision Making

So then in January we undertook nursing care and decision making module which focused on clinical skills and making decisions in nursing. A lot of it focussed on learning how to identify a deteriorating patient using the ABCDE assessment tool. I have found this learning to be very worthwhile especially in 2nd placement at Critical Care unit which you can read about. The examination consisted of applying our learning to the case studies we met in first year. Although this was a really long process to work through, I really enjoyed applying what I had learnt in this module to the 5 case studies we had already met. We had set questions to apply to the case studies and then it was s surprise which case study we were issued. I recorded all 5 of my case study answers prior and it took like 16 hours before I was happy laugh 😂 As well as the theory we also had our safe medicate drugs examination which I also enjoyed learning. (Thankfully I received 100 marks which I was required to receive a pass). We also had clinical skills days were we learnt some new skills which we can practice on our placements now. Skills such as venipuncture, cannulation, Nasogastric tube insertion, ECG’s, catheterisation, airway management, supporting people with distress and disengagement techniques. I feel really satisfied with the work I put into this module and again it really paid off!

Promoting Health

Then in Feb/March we had our promoting health module, again I really loved this module. It was super interesting. We learnt about social influences of health, health literacy, health behaviours and models surrounding this, and health screening and immunisations. For the assignment we applied our knowledge to a family within the Virtual community of Robdon which was great. I love applying my knowledge to case studies. A lot of what we learnt followed on from the learning we had gained in first year. For the assignment we had the choice of doing an essay or presentation and I chose an Essay. I really enjoyed working through this module and again my time studying paid off!

Round up

I have enjoyed all 3 of the theory modules during second year and long may that continue into 3rd and 4th year. I cannot believe 3rd year is just around the corner! I would like to thank all of the staff who delivered the second year theory modules I hope to take this learning into the next stages of my training! I certainly enjoying taking my theory into practice during my placements.

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